Rules & Etiquette

Safety rules and fishing etiquette have been designed to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at Eyebrook . In addition to these rules and information anglers bag limits are specified on permits.

All Anglers

  1. Catch and release means exercising care and consideration as well as respect for your quarry. In order to do this please.
    a. Use barbless hooks.
    b. Use wet hands with minimal handling of fish.
    c. Do not remove fish from the water.
    d. Use a fine mesh net (micro-mesh).
    e. Use a catch and release tool.
  2. Hurry the fish to the net: do not play it for any length of time as lactic acid levels will build and the fish may die.
  3. Beached fish must not be returned to the water.
  4. If a fish is bleeding from the gills, it’s only fair that it is despatched. Chances are it will not survive.
  5. If you intend to release your fish, don’t use static boobies or a sinking line. A deep hooked fish is unlikely to survive.
  6. Do not release near weed. A stressed fish will often look for cover and become entangled.
  7. Bag limits must be strictly observed – refer to Permits.
  8. You must only use artificial flies. However if you are dapping you can also use natural flies.
  9. Anglers are allowed to fish with one rod only.
  10. Anglers must not use keep nets, floats, spinners, plugs, spoons or any form of groundbait.
  11. No live or dead baits.
  12. Anglers must not gut, scale or clean fish into the reservoir or onto the banks. There is no gutting facility at the fishery.

You must only use artificial flies. However if you are dapping you can also use natural flies.

All Boat Anglers

  1. Keep at least 50 metres from any bank anglers. Bank anglers must not fish too close to boat anglers who are already positioned near the bank.
  2. Give other boats plenty of clearance (25 metres min.).
  3. Do not drift on a course, which will interfere with boats already anchored, or anchor in the path of a boat which is already drifting.
  4. Do not travel, anchor or beach a boat too close to bank anglers.
  5. A maximum of three persons are allowed in one boat, only two of whom may fish at any one time.
  6. Rules broken by one person in a boat, shall reflect on all people within the boat.
  7. The Fishery Warden may withhold boats in bad weather.
  8. Boats must be returned to the pontoons or landing stages by the time that fishing ends (times are shown in the fishing lodge). Anglers who return their boats late may be refused permits or access to the reservoir in the future.
  9. Boats must be returned in clean and tidy condition.
  10. Trailing, trawling or trolling are not allowed.


  1. On arriving at eyebrook please first go to reception.
  2. Eyebrook is a private estate and nature reserve, please drive slowly.