The Blob - Are you a Like or a loath?

Date Added: 08/02/2017

Picture right - the Biscuit blob as tied by Welsh International Fly Fisherman Lewis Rumble

Like em or loathe em I think it's fair to say the 'fly' is here to stay!

In my early days of fly fishing on the rivers and lochs of Scotland older guys always used to advise me not to go fishing without a greenwells glory, mallard and claret or silver butcher, how times change...

I often wander along the main pontoon as the boat anglers prepare for their day afloat at Eyebrook and cannot help but notice as they tackle up how many of todays fishermen put their faith in a' blob' but hey, its that confidence thing again and these brightly coloured 'flies' certainly catch their fare share for those that fish them.

I'm not calling the blob, don't get me wrong because I have used them myself, many times but on a calm sunny day I never really fancy pulling like billyho, a floating,wetcel,di whatever line back at full pealt or even figure of eight.

At the end of the day 'They catch fish' but, when they don't!.......think on, are you proficient enough to fish other tactics?


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