Eyebrooks Record Rainbow Trout

Date Added: 08/02/2017

Picture right - George Knight with his fantastic rainbow trout at Pollards Jump

I can still recall to memory as if it were only yesterday, a worn out, bedraggled George Knight staggering in through the booking office door carrying a huge rainbow trout of immense proportions wrapped in a wetted leicester Mercury newspaper and calling me! a bad lad for stocking with such big fish...

That was the occasion in 2004 when Eyebrook season ticket holder dear George Knight of Stanion wrote himself into the Eyebrook's hall of fame with his bank caught record Rainbow trout that weighed 20lb 13oz, incidentally, caught on a home tied long shank damsel imitation.

George's record rainbow still stands to this very day...also, a cast of the fish and the fly he used are on permanant display in the Eyebrook fishing lodge booking office.


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