Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2017

Date Added: 06/02/2017

An update on whats happening at Eyebrook 2017

It's been a bit of a cold winter and generally water tables throughout the region are still pretty low due to lack of rainfall through December and January 2017. Reservoir water levels have again been very well managed throughout this period and if current levels continue until the opening of the NEW fishing season then the fishery should once again benefit and be able to offer some terrific sport to the discerning bank and boat fisherman.

The Leicestershire bank is looking good at the moment, the Hawthorns and the Green bank in particular, the widgeon and geese have grazed the bank so well we could all practice our golf putting on it!... thinking back to last season though, it looked good then, but if memory served me right the fishing along the leicestershire bank was not as good as was first anticipated and the wooded Rutland bank, on the day was the place to be.

So all in all, once again prospects for fishing at Eyebrook 2017 are looking good and we anticipate great buzzer fishing in line with a well maintained winter/spring water level. 

As yet, 2017 prices have not been released but we are confident that the Eyebrook trout Fishery will still offer great value for money for the visiting angler.

I would like to also add that boat reservations and bookings are presently coming in thick and fast and would encourage all clubs to contact the fishery regarding any boat competition reservations as soon as is possible.


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