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A New Fishing Season at Eyebrook Trout...27/02/2017

Open for fishing on Thursday 23rd March 2017 - We all look forward to next season at Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2017. The Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2017 fishing season will begin on Thursday 23rd March 2017 - Fishing permits will be on sale at the fishing lodge and gates will open to the public at 7.00am - boats out... MORE

Eyebrook Announcement22/02/2017

. Eyebrook Announcement Discussions are at an advanced stage with Ifor Jones of Fishery Management (UK) Ltd to take over the management of the Eyebrook Reservoir from March 2017. It is proposed that Eyebrook will join the group of fisheries; Draycote Water, Foremark Reservoir, and Thornton Reservoir managed by... MORE

Eyebrooks Record Rainbow Trout 08/02/2017

. Picture right - George Knight with his fantastic rainbow trout at Pollards Jump I can still recall to memory as if it were only yesterday, a worn out, bedraggled George Knight staggering in through the booking office door carrying a huge rainbow trout of immense proportions wrapped in a wetted... MORE

The Blob - Are you a Like or a loath?08/02/2017

. Picture right - the Biscuit blob as tied by Welsh International Fly Fisherman Lewis Rumble Like em or loathe em I think it's fair to say the 'fly' is here to stay! In my early days of fly fishing on the rivers and lochs of Scotland older guys always used to advise me not to go fishing... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery 201706/02/2017

An update on whats happening at Eyebrook 2017. It's been a bit of a cold winter and generally water tables throughout the region are still pretty low due to lack of rainfall through December and January 2017. Reservoir water levels have again been very well managed throughout this period and if current... MORE

'Millers Tails' The Prince Nymph A Top...06/02/2017

The Prince Nymph a forgotten nymph pattern. Picture right - The Prince Nymph in all it's glory... Several years ago now I remember well talking with top angler Bob Carnhill at Eyebrook and noticing a row of flies in his box that were not unfamilier to myself as I commented to Bob ' I notice you carry a... MORE

Fly Fishing for Pike at Eyebrook...06/02/2017

Matt Hayes talks you through with his Guide to Fly Fishing for pike. Picture right - Jobe Burnham with a lovely fly caught Eyebrook pike Fly Fishing for pike at Eyebrook Trout Fishery The Eyebrook Trout Fishery allows anglers to fish for pike on the fly from June 16th 2017 - a special predators... MORE

Welcome to Eyebrook Pike Fishing 2017 06/02/2017

Predator Fishing at Eyebrook 2017 - Bookings now being taken for 1st October 2016. Picture Right - It's all about pike at Eyebrook! Luke Kelbrick with an Eyebrook pike Eyebrook Fishery offers you the opportunity to fish for pike with dead bait and lures from 1st October 2017 for 4... MORE

Fishing for Pike on the Fly at Eyebrook...06/02/2017

Exciting isn't the word....exhilarating is! ken on the fly from Eyebrook.   Have you ever tried fishing for pike with a fly rod? If the answer to that question is No, well perhaps now is the time to give it a try! our good friend Matt Hayes describes the feeling of fly fishing for pike on the... MORE

The Eyebrook Tackle Shop onsite at...01/02/2017

The Eyebrook Tackle Shop 2016/17 Winter Opening Hours . A wide range of quality fly fishing tackle at The Eyebrook Tackle Shop onsite at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge The Eyebrook Tackle Shop offers a wide range of quality game fishing rods, reels, lines, clothing and accessories from leading manufacturers as well a a... MORE

Eyebrook's Wheelyboats 01/02/2017

Eyebrook offers access for disabled angler's. Picture Right - Eyebrook's Coulam 16' Wheelyboat Eyebrook is a disabled friendly water and has now been offering access to disabled anglers on the fisheries WheelyBoats for the last 17 years.These craft based at Eyebrook Trout Fishery are... MORE

Four Generations of the Deacon Family...01/02/2017

. Picture Right - clockwise; Darren, Steve, Jim and Lewis Deacon The Deacon family have fished the Eyebrook reservoir since the early sixties with grandad Len Deacon bringing along a then very young Jim, to row the boat!... The Deacons of Leicester absolutely love the place and have enjoyed... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery offers buzzer...01/02/2017

. Picture right - A Black buzzer with orange cheeks absolutely deadly season through If there is any one fly pattern that a still water trout angler should never be without it is the Buzzer. This is the common angling term used to describe a series of flies that imitate the all important midge or chironomid... MORE

Trout Men Brave an Arctic Easter 1975! 01/02/2017

A Nostalgic look back at the fishery during opening week April 1975. Picture right - Word soon gets around where the fish are being caught... and the result is a scene like this one at Eyebrook reservoir. It's shoulder to shoulder - and every man for himself A nostalgic look back in time and an article that... MORE

2017 Boat Booking Reservations01/02/2017

Bookings now being taken for 2017. Picture right - Dave Millard and Andy Taylor, happy boat anglers Here at Eyebrook Trout Fishery we are all looking forward to the new 2017 fly fishing season with great anticipation.  The NEW fishing season at Eyebrook Trout Fishery will begin on... MORE

The Diary of an Eyebrook season ticket...01/02/2017

Mark Hunt witnessed a fantastic buzzer hatch, but would they have it?. Picture right - Marks well marked brown trout in the net ready to be released Looking back in season ticket holder Mark Hunts 2016 diary (May) reported a spectacular buzzer hatch last night in Sam's dyke with loads of fish... MORE

Environment Agency Fishing Rod Licence30/01/2017

Have you got your fishing rod licence?.... Expiry - 31.03.2017 You must have a valid rod licence, expect a big fine if you can't produce one Rod licences expire on 31st March There are 3 ways to buy or renew your rod licence: . online at . At any post... MORE

Eyebrook fly-fishing Vouchers the...28/11/2016

The perfect gift for the fly fisher in your family this christmas time. A special gift for fishermen and fisherladies alike Eyebrook Trout Fishery offers the opportunity to pick up the perfect gift for the fly fisherman in your family, an Eyebrook gift voucher. The ideal gift that offers a unique... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Fur and Feather...18/11/2016

Report from Eyebrook's Fur and Feather Competition on Sunday October 30th . Picture right -The sun sets on yet another fly fishing season at Eyebrook Trout Fishery... The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition heralds the end of boat fishing at Eyebrook 2016 and it’s fair to say that its been a pretty good... MORE

Last Day of Boat Fishing at Eyebrook -...31/10/2016

Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition 2016.  Last day of fishing from boats at Eyebrook Trout Fishery - Sunday 30th October 2016.  The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Sunday 30th October 2016 - Match time 8.30 till 4pm the last day of boat fishing at Eyebrook for... MORE

The English Disabled Fur and Feather...21/10/2016

EDFFA members enjoy a day afloat at Eyebrook. English Disabled Fly Fishers Association Fundraiser 2016 Match Day - Wednesday 19th October 2016 - A summary of the day by club secretary John Dracup Nineteen EDFF members fished Eyebrook in the last outing of the season. Although the day was breezy, with a... MORE

Actors 'On Tour' at Eyebrook Trout...20/10/2016

Pride and Prejudice stars relax flyfishing at Eyebrook. Picture right - Thespian's both, Benjamin Dilloway (left) and Steve Meo (right) enjoy a fishing break at Eyebrook It was great to catch up with my friend Steve Meo at the fishery once again, you may all remember that Steve caught an 8lb 4oz brown... MORE

English Disabled Fly Fishers Fur and...13/10/2016

Match Date - Wednesday 19th October 2016. Picture right - Ian Bradfield top rod at last years EDFFA Fur and Feather boat competition recieves his prize from Mark Goodge Looking back to EDFFA Fur and Feather Boat Competition 2015 Fished on a cool dull day with rain to start, but clearing up for the... MORE

An Abundance of Crane Fly at Eyebrook...13/10/2016

Daddy Long Legs by the thousand at Eyebrook Trout Fishery in 2015, but what a difference a year makes. Picture right - Crane fly on the fishing lodge window And so it came to pass... With the more recent damp weather conditions the surrounding ground has softened and the long awaited hatch of Daddy long... MORE

The Dambusters '617 Squadron' and...08/10/2016

EYEBROOK & 617 SQUADRON “THE DAMBUSTERS” . Picture right - A lancaster bomber flies a low pass over Eyebrook reservoir On the night of 16/17 May 1943, 19 Lancaster’s of 617 Squadron left their base at RAF Scampton to attack Germany’s great dams in the Ruhr Valley.  Their mission was to breach the... MORE

Eyebrook's stillwater fly fishing on...08/10/2016

Superb early summer buzzer fishing at Eyebrook . It has been a superb start to the 2016 fly fishing season here at Eyebrook although both March and now April have proved to be a little chilly and sometimes very unsettled.    The fishery continues to introduce fresh... MORE

The Eyebrook Tern Raft's07/10/2016

Volunteers assist at Eyebrook. A clutch of tern eggs on one of the Eyebrook tern raft's Eyebrook Tern Raft News March 12th 2014 saw the re-launch of the second tern raft that had been grounded on the bank for a couple of years. With the help of Russell Parry of LROS, Joe Davis and a team from Rutland Water,... MORE

Eyebrook Diary of Events 201606/10/2016

A look into Eyebrook's Diary of Events for the 2016 season. Bookings now being taken for Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2017 20th March 2016 – Eyebrook Hospitality Day 24th March 2016 – Eyebrook Opening Day 25th/26th/27th/28th March 2016 – Easter Weekend at Eyebrook Trout Fishery 3rd April –... MORE

The Eyebrook Trout Fishery - Open For...05/10/2016

Looking Forward to a Great 2017 Fly- Fishing Season. Picture right - Boat action in Eyebrook's main basin We understand that a few fishermen and visiting anglers are concerned about the current media news relating to our parent company, and rumours related to the Eyebrook Trout Fishery. The... MORE

English Disabled Floating Line...05/10/2016

Match Date 3rd August 2016. Picture right - EDFFA Secretary John Dracup's run down of the Floating Line boat Competition at Eyebrook on 8th June 2016 Fished by 28 anglers, on a warm sunny day, thankfully with a slightly cooling east-northeasterly breeze, many of them were wondering if the fish would play ball, as... MORE

Police Pairs Eyebrook 201605/10/2016

Police Pairs Boat Competition - 4th October 2016. A total of ten police forces were represented at this years police pairs boat compettition held on the 4th October 2016 at Eyebrook Trout Fishery under the watchful eye of organizer Steve Owen. Teams represented at this years competition... MORE

Send in your 'fishy pics' that will be...29/09/2016

Your Chance to Win a Fishing Gift Voucher for The Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Picture right - Andy's 'fishy pic' a mid teen pike taken on a fly.. For your chance to feature in the Eyebrook's official website picture gallery just email us your favourite fishy picture and we will add it to the fisheries... MORE

Several deliveries of top quality...25/09/2016

Consistently high standard of restocking policy at Eyebrook Trout Fishery continues.... 18,750 Top quality trout stocked to date... The fishery have to date ( 25.09.2016 ) introduced 18,750 top quality rainbow and brown trout from our fish suppliers...we have one more stocking remaining due week... MORE

The 2016 Eyebrook Blue Trout Trophy...12/09/2016

Eyebrook Regulars Win 'The Blue Trout Trophy' 2016. Match Day Sunday 25th September 2016 - 10am till 4pm - Picture right; The Blue Trout Trophy... This friendly boat match between the Eyebrook regulars and members of the English Disabled Fly Fishers Association was fished to Eyebrook fishery... MORE

It's time for floating fry at Eyebrook...06/09/2016

Looking forward to a fry feeding frenzy at Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Picture right - a good selection of ethafoam fry and a few spondoolies is a sure fire way to catch some cracking grown on Eyebrook rainbows late September until the end of the season Its now September and during the past couple of weeks night... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Welcomes All...12/08/2016

The British Float Tube association will hold an event at Eyebrook Trout Fishery on 13th August 2016. Picture Right - Eyebrook regular and season ticket holder Matt Lane enjoys a day in his float tube Float-tubing is a fun and exciting method of fly fishing that has now become established and accepted by over forty... MORE

Barry's Belter!18/07/2016

. Picture right - Barry Kidd with his superb 7lb 3oz Eyebrook rainbow July 18th 2016 turned out to be a very hot summers day but despite the adverse fishing conditions Barry Kidd of Histon Cambridge landed a cracking rainbow that weighed 7lb 3oz. Barry had anchored his boat just out from dogwood bay... MORE

A Passion for Fishing17/07/2016

When he's not at Eyebrook - Andy's generally out fishing somewhere. Picture right - Eyebrook fishery manager Andy Miller with an 11lb 3oz barbel from the River Trent Andy says " During the close season I have to grab every opportunity I can and catch up with my passion for angling and a spot of coarse... MORE

Season Ticket Prices held at Eyebrook...17/07/2016

And Boat Hire Costs Reduced Offerin Great Value for Money. Picture right - a delighted season ticket holder Dave Wainwright with a cracking five pounder The Eyebrook Trout Fishery are delighted to be able to hold the prices of season tickets and day permits whilst also reducing the cost of boat hire for the... MORE

A Very Rich Environment at Eyebrook...13/07/2016

Coarse fish fry in their millions, corixa, hoglouse and a myriad food source at Eyebrook.... Picture Right - Just the tip of the iceberg - a few of the millions of coarse fish fry at Eyebrook, seen here in the foreground are roach erupting in the water next to the main boat pontoon The reservoir holds a myriad... MORE

Top Class Fly Fishing Tuition at...13/07/2016

Learn to fly fish with Eyebrook's fishing guru Andy Miller. Picture Right - A delighted James Hobbs with his first Eyebrook rainbow trout James Hobbs of Uppingham had just arrived at the Eyebrook fishing lodge for a 3 hour Taster session with Eyebrook's very own fishing guru Andy Miller. Following a... MORE

Eyebrook Fishing Boats13/07/2016

Built and Supplied by J. M. Coulam Boat Builders. Eyebrook are proud to be associated with J. M. Coulam Boat Builder - as another day dawns on the Eyebrook boat fleet J.M.Coulam Boat Builders - Specialist Fly Fishing Boat Builders. Established in 1993, the company has designed and built over 1000 fishing boats.... MORE

Season Ticket Holders Permit Upgrade or...12/07/2016

The ideal opportunity for anglers to upgrade your season ticket or purchase a 'Half Season' - special offer period. "The Eyebrooks fishing its head off, and theres lots more action to come Many anglers are enjoying the terrific sport that the 2016 fishing season is producing and many... MORE

Eyebrook Weekly Prize Draw 12/07/2016

Free to Enter! Win a Day Motorboat at Eyebrook during 2016. Register your contact details with us for a chance to win a complimentary day motorboat For your chance to win a Day motorboat at Eyebrook Trout Fishery Simply register your details at Eyebrook fishing lodge booking office or at our on-line... MORE

Neil and Ian always have a ball at...12/07/2016

Fine weather and fine fishing at the Eyebrook. Picture Right - Neil Benjamin and Ian Simmons at Eyebrook recently setting out for more exquisite buzzer fishing Best pals Neil Benjamin and Ian Simmons of Normanby, Teeside enjoy around six trips to the Eyebrook fishery each year. The pair had discovered the... MORE

The Eyebrook Classic Open Boat Match...04/07/2016

Sunday 3rd July 2016 - All Welcome. Picture right - Andy with some of the competitors for The Eyebrook Classic Boat Competition 2016 The Eyebrook Classic Open Boat Match 2016 - All Welcome Come along to Eyebrook Trout Fishery  and enjoy a friendly light hearted days boat match with a great bunch of... MORE

The 37th Disabled International, Lake...28/06/2016

Disabled Anglers Gather for International at Lake of Menteith, Scotland. Picture Right - Jim Watts was a real winner at Lake of Menteith 2016 The Lake of Menteith, in Stirlingshire, hosted the 37th Disabled Flyfishing International between the 4 Home Countries. The weather prior to the Practice and Matchdays had... MORE

Anglers World Fly Fishing Championships...25/06/2016

Eyebrook Heats - 24th - 25th June 2016. Picture right - Winner of the first Eyebrook heat Jarl Isaksen of Norway with John Horsey Eyebrook Trout Fishery hosted it's heats of The Anglers world Fly Fishing Championships - the use of any line is allowed on Day one of the heats Day two is specifically for floating... MORE

Anglers World Flyfishing Championships...23/06/2016

Eyebrook Heats 24th/25th June 2016. The friendly flyfishing championships return to Eyebrook 2016 The Competition Now into its 16th year and with a truly international following, John Horsey’s individual fly fishing championships are the biggest of their kind in the World. Known as the “Friendly... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Offers Buzzer...19/06/2016

Heart Stopping Takes and Missed Takes! . Picture right - buzzers in size 12 and 10 just perfect for Eyebrook As Eyebrook Trout Fishery opened it's doors to the public for the 2016 fly fishing season on Thursday 24th March 2016 the fishery was fully prepared for a bumper fly fishing season especially in... MORE

A 4lb 3oz Perch For Jobe Burnham at...15/06/2016

. Pictur right - Jobe Burnham with his superb fish of a lifetime, a 4lb 3oz Perch from Pitsford reservoir Eyebrook senior fishery warden Jobe Burnham and fishery warden Simon Ware had been reading the recent press on lure tactics at other fisheries that were giving many surprising results, Pitsford Water... MORE

Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain for June...14/06/2016

. With the untimely inclement weather being encountered this June, thunderstorms and rain which might ultimately end up making this the wettest June for many years it is perhaps not surprising that the rod average at the fishery has taken a bit of a tumble. Weather wise the beginning of the month was very... MORE

Eyebrook Fly Fishing Taster Day -...14/06/2016

Why not give stillwater fly fishing a try at this special event aimed at beginners to be held at Eyebrook Trout Fishery on Saturday 4th June 2016. Plenty of expert advice on hand at Eyebrook's Fly Fishing Taster Day The Eyebrook Fly Fishing Taster Day This event would be the ideal opportunity for anyone who... MORE

Dave Carters Fabulous Boat Fishing...14/06/2016

Masons and Non Masons aim to raise much needed funds for The Altzeimer's Society. Picture right - A fine band of lads attended Dave Carter's fishing day at Eyebrook Trout Fishery Representing the Masons of Roundhill Lodge 8639 Dave Carter has once again organised his charity boat fishing event at Eyebrook... MORE

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Fund Raiser 201613/06/2016

Your Chance to Win a Fantastic Wise Boat Seat. Picture right - Fishery warden David Davis with the WISE Boat Seat that could be yours!   This is your chance to win this fabulous boat seat and also help raise much needed funds for our chosen charity for 2015 The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association... MORE

Treat your Dad to a day's fly fishing...13/06/2016

Fathers Day - Sunday 19th June 2016. A great fly fishing offer for Fathers day on Sunday 19th June 2016 at Eyebrook Trout Fishery Eyebrook are offering it's great' £20 All Round' deal especially for Fathers Day on Sunday 19th June 2016... thats £20 for a day motorboat and £20... MORE

'Catch me if you can,' tagged trout'...03/06/2016

Catch a tagged fish and win Eyebrook vouchers to the value of £100. 'Catch me if you can, new tagged trout' picture right - Jamie Weston of the River Gwash Trout Farm with one of many top quality rainbows supplied to Eyebrook in recent years - this one is 'tagged' Along with the usual top quality rainbows the... MORE

An Overcast Day with a Light...19/05/2016

. Picture right - A shot of Gordon taken in Sam's dyke with a pretty little rainbow on the day in question.. It was 'an overcast day with a north westerly' going on and it had also just started to spot with rain. I had just finished a meeting with a local farmer as the clouds began to roll in with... MORE

The Month of May... and Eyebrook is...13/05/2016

. Picture right - An angler enjoy's fishing the Top car park as Hawthorn fly are blown onto the waters surface.. I was on my rounds the other day in the Landrover (emptying litter bins actually) and happened on Corby angler John Thomson who was fishing at the top end of the wooded bank (the Rutland bank)... MORE

Eyebrook 'Wednesday Night Boat League...13/05/2016

WNBL Open to all 2016. Picture right - Jobe Burnham hands over prizes and the Wednesday Night Boat League trophy 2015 winner David Hay Eyebrook has been hosting its very own friendly boat league, started on the premise of bringing together like minded anglers who are willing to share their knowledge with others... MORE

Adrian and Chris Dutton Enjoy a Red...09/05/2016

. Picture right - Adrian playing one of his brown trout and a healthy bend in that fly rod Father and son Adrian and Chris Dutton from Sheffield enjoyed a terrific outing to Eyebrook Trout Fishery recently. And as well as catching many hard fighting rainbow trout Adrian managed to net a few brown trout... MORE

Arthur and John's Splendid Day Out At...07/05/2016

Top Buzzer Fishing at Sam's Dyke. Pictured right - Arthur Sykes and John Eaton with limit bag's each. Arthur Sykes of Skegness and John Eaton of Horncastle have really been getting to grips with the buzzer feeding trout at Eyebrook Trout Fishery just lately. On a recent visit to the fishery both... MORE

The Rotary Club of Uppingham, District...23/04/2016

The Eyebrook Rotary Sponsored Walk 2016. Sponsored Walk Raises Funds at Eyebrook The Rotary Club of Uppingham have held the Eyebrook Walk now for the previous 7 years and have so far raised almost £15,000 for chosen charities: LEAT, Lakelands Hospice, Age Concern, the Rotary Ghana Eye Project,... MORE

John's Millers Eyebrook Record 13lb...21/04/2016

Are there more big brownies lurking in the depths of Eyebrook?. Picture Right ; Local angler John Miller with his superb 13lb Eyebrook record breaking brown trout caught in 2011 The current Eyebrook record Brown trout weighing in at 13lb was caught by top local angler John Miller of Uppingham on the 25th... MORE

A New fishing season at Eyebrook Trout...21/04/2016

All the latest news from the Eyebrook..... Picture right - A fine rainbow for Andy taken on a green buzzer from Sams Dyke   A LOOK BACK AT THE 2015 SEASON 2015 proved to be a very successful fishing season for many anglers … some may even describe it as another ‘classic’ Eyebrook... MORE

Quality Fish Stockings at Eyebrook 201620/04/2016

Top quality fish for a top quality fishery. Picture right - Jamie Weston of The River Gwash Trout Farm stocking trout down a bitterly cold wooded bankside Pre season stockings continue at Eyebrook 2016 It's very cold today, very cold indeed with a strong north westerly wind cutting across the reservoir,... MORE

Guided Fishing Days on Eyebrook Trout...17/04/2016

Guided Fishing with Eyebrook's Andy Miller. Enjoy a day afloat with Andy Miller at Eyebrook Trout Fishery Not really sure how to approach stillwater fly fishing from a boat or where to fish or even what fly to fish with? ...  Don't worry... there is a solution ... A Guided Day with... MORE

Stocking's of Quality Trout at Eyebrook...14/04/2016

. Picture right - Jamie Weston and Lawrence Ball busy with pre season stockings of top quality rainbow trout at Robbo's cabin Monday 1st February 2016 -  The first of the years pre season fish stockings have just been introduced into Eyebrook Trout Fishery at Robbo's cabin. Monday 15th... MORE

Eyebrook's Producing Over wintered...14/04/2016

. Pictur right - Bill Whittle of Grantham with a cracking over wintered Eyebrook rainbow Season ticket holder Bill Whittle of Grantham has really been enjoying his early season outings from the bank at Eyebrook since the fishery opened on the 24th March 2016. The bank fishing has once again been exceptional and... MORE

Higham Ferrers Fly Fishers - Eyebrook...13/04/2016

Higham Ferrers Eyebrook Boat Match - 13th April 2016. Picture right - Eddie Spencer of Higham Ferrers Fly Fishers with a nice Eyebrook rainbow trout The lads of Higham Ferrers Fly Fishers had booked one of their first boat matches of the season at Eyebrook Trout Fishery and the weather forecast for a change promised... MORE

Fishing Days Remembered at Eyebrook07/04/2016

. Picture right - My old pal John Riddle on his recent visit back to Eyebrook Trout Fishery My old friend John Riddle from  Melton Mowbray payed a visit to the fishery recently after a five year lay off from fishing due to ill health. It was lovely to chat with John again and relive... MORE

Martin's Birthday Treat - Fly Fishing...06/04/2016

. Picture right - Andy Miller gives the thumbs up for a trio of rainbows for Martin Tyrrell from the bank at Dogwood bay It's always a treat meeting up with really nice people who visit the Eyebrook Trout Fishery and Ellen Vardy and Martin Tyrrell were certainly no exception. Ellen had  earlier... MORE

Brown trout make's a Surprise...01/04/2016

. Picture right - Boat angler Gordon Reeve with his fine 6lb 9oz Brown trout taken on a cats whisker fished deep Gordon Reeve of Sleaford visited the fishery recently and was very surprised when the fish that he had hooked and played turned out to be one of the fisheries special brown trout. Gordon was boat... MORE

The Eyebrook Hospitality Day 201620/03/2016

All Welcome at The Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Sunday 20th March 2016 heralds The Eyebrook Hospitality Day to be held at the fishing lodge -  doors will open from 10am till 2pm. The Eyebrook Fishery Team will be on hand to answer any fishing related queries that you may have and will be only tooo... MORE

Out with the Old and in with the New...18/03/2016

Spring Buzzer Bank Fishing at Eyebrook. Picture Right - Anglers enjoy some early season bank fishing action from the wooded bank at pollards jump With the deluge of water that fell during December 2015 Eyebrook reservoir water levels should remain good for the start of the NEW 2016 fishing... MORE

Eyebrook Fishing Boats Winter Facelift17/02/2016

Picture Right - The Eyebrook fishing boat fleet in all it's glory.... In the world of stillwater trout fisheries we often boast that the Eyebrook fishing fleet is probably one of the tidiest and well maintained in the UK. This robust claim is probably... MORE

Eyebrook Fundraiser 201508/12/2015

Eyebrook raises much needed funds For The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association. Trevor Ashby representing The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association accepts a charitable donation from the Eyebrook Trout Fishery presented by Andy Miller The Eyebrook Trout Fishery, visitors and friends continued to raise much... MORE

Eyebrook Hospitality Day 201608/12/2015

Eyebrook Fishing Lodge - Sunday 20th March 2016. Picture Right - A New season and fresh stockings of top quality rainbow and brown trout for Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2016 All Welcome to Eyebrook Trout Fishery Hospitality Day 2015  We would also like to take this opportunity to cordially invite all anglers to... MORE

Changeable Weather Conditions at...26/11/2015

. Picture right - A strong northerly wind had kicked up during the night and this was the sight at Eyebrook the following morning...needless to say most of the fishermen stayed away! It just goes to show how changeable the weather can be these days and on the weekend Saturday 21st November 2015... MORE

Rainbow's taken on Mayflies at Eyebrook08/11/2015

The Willows bank where mayflies abound. A short excerpt from a fishing report Clem Harvey of Loughborough enjoyed a late afternoon evening session at Eyebrook. Clem had noticed a number of Mayflies dancing their courting ritual in the long grass along the wooded bank. Without further hesitation Clem... MORE

Troutfisherman Magazine Forthcoming...31/10/2015

'A Mans Love for Eyebrook Trout Fishery' Wally Ogleys story told as only Wally can tell it. Picture right - Anton Wells (TF Classifieds) Wally Ogley Eyebrook regular and Russell Hill (TF Editor) Coming soon in Troutfisherman Magazine a feature about a man’s love for Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Long-time Eyebrook... MORE

The Rutland Spring Fly Fair - Sunday...31/10/2015

Top fly tyers will be on parade at The Rutland Spring Fly Fair 2016. Rutland Spring Fly Fair.  Sunday 13th March 2016.   Uppingham Community College Sports Hall. 10am - 3pm.  Admission £4.00 (accompanied children under 16. FREE) 2014 proved to be our best event ever, with over 300... MORE

Eyebrook Late Season Fly Fishing for...30/10/2015

Winter bank permits available from 26th October 2015. Picture right - Troutfisherman's editor Russell Hill bank fishing at Eyebrook recently -   The Eyebrook Trout Fishery will once again be offering the discerning angler the opportunity to catch quality grown on fighting fit rainbows on selected days... MORE

Essential Winter Maintenance at...30/10/2015

Eyebrook estate and fishing lodge closed for winter 2015/16. Picture right - Eyebrook estate is certainly looking good as felling and tree planting operations continue The 2015 season had proved more than hectic at the Eyebrook fishery now it is time to take a breath and catch up with a lot of... MORE

Beautiful Brown Trout Landed By Clinton...25/09/2015

4lb 8oz of Eyebrook Brown trout taken on a black hopper. Picture right - No wonder Clinton looks so happy, what a beautiful fish All members of The Bull Fly Fishers enjoyed their day afloat at Eyebrook recently but none as much as Clinton Slingsby of Lincoln. Accompanied by his usual boat partner Liam... MORE

Late September Surface Sport at...22/09/2015

. Picture Right - Martin Hadley with one of his brace of rainbows taken on a daddy long legs Its also been a particularly good year for new comers to Eyebrook participating in the gentle art of fly fishing be it for a quick fishing lesson or a more in depth guided session. One such fisherman was Martin Hadley who... MORE

Totalflyfisher Magazine 'Drifts for...18/09/2015

Out Now! the long awaited 'Drifts for Eyebrook'. Picture Right - Hold the front page! October 2015 issue of Totalflyfisher magazine 'Drifts for Eyebrook' Who better than to guide us around Eyebrook Trout Fishery than estate manager Andy Miller Andy Miller meets up with Totalflyfisher... MORE

Eyebrook Estate Woodland Management...08/09/2015

Essential Forestry Works Continue's at Eyebrook - 29th August 2015. As part of the ongoing Eyebrook estate and woodland coppicing and regeneration it should be noted that contractors will be working undertaking chainsaw and felling work along the eastern wooded bank at Stoke Dry from Saturday 29th August... MORE

The Eyebrook Country Summer Fayre 201520/08/2015

Blue skies and bunting at Eyebrooks Country Summer Fayre. Picture Right - Fish replica's by Roger McCann With FREE admission this years Eyebrook Country Summer Fayre will be held on Saturday 22nd August 2015 opens at 10am till 4pm, a great day out for the whole family, come and enjoy the wonders of the... MORE

Blue Shark Ahoy!18/08/2015

Jobe enjoys a sea fishing trip to remember. Picture Right - Jobe Burnham with his best blue shark of the trip that weighed 133lb Eyebrook Trout Fishery warden Jobe Burnham enjoyed a well deserved break recently and set off on a shark fishing trip from Pembroke Dock. Jobe and three other anglers set out into... MORE

Eyebrook's Famous 'Summer Sizzlers' 24/07/2015

Take Advantage of Discounted Boats during July and August 2015. Everyone can enjoy a days discounted boat fishing at Leicestershires most idylic fly-fishery SUPERB STILLWATER FLY-FISHING AT IT'S VERY BEST EYEBROOK TROUT FISHERY NOW OFFERS “EYEBROOK SUMMER SIZZLERS” Fantastic... MORE

Keith Enjoys a day on the drift at...23/07/2015

. Picture Right - Keith Sowerbutts with a nice brace of rainbows with Andy Miller Keith needed to brush up on his casting ability and he was also a little uncertain about how to use the fisheries motorboats so had arranged to meet up with Andy Miller for some advice... After a twenty minute... MORE

Monster Brown Trout Found Dead at...17/07/2015

Fisherman retrieves the corpse of a massive dead brown trout at Eyebrook reservoir. Fishery manager Andy Miller with the huge brown trout  A massive brown trout has been retrieved from the water at Eyebrook Trout Fishery by Leicester boat fisherman Nev Lenton. Nev said  that he... MORE

Unexpected Trip to Eyebrook Trout...15/07/2015

A Fantastic Fishing Experience!. Picture Right - Johnny Lunden with a 5-6Lb Brownie. Ernst Sundt sent this lovely email to Eyebrook Fishing Lodge it reads in Ernst words ; Johnny Lunden and Ernst Sundt from Muddlers Fly Fishing were visiting England for fishing in the summer. Unfortunately the Bob Church... MORE

A Lovely Day Afloat at Eyebrook with...03/07/2015

Andy Miller Guides Mike Brassett at Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Picture Right - Mike holds aloft the prize taken on a dry Nether Heyford pub landlord (The Foresters Arms) Mike Brassett enjoyed a wonderful guided day afloat with Eyebrook's Andy Miller recently. Following a practise session to iron out any... MORE

Troutfisherman magazine at Eyebrook24/06/2015

Brilliant Eyebrook bank fishing feature on sale now. Troutfisherman editor Russell Hill and Peter Gathercole catch up with Eyebrook bank angler David Coxon Coming soon... Troutfisherman magazine are featuring everyone's favourite Eyebrook Trout Fishery with a special bank fishing article. ... MORE

George Knight Visits Eyebrook09/06/2015

Current Rainbow Trout Record Holder Visits Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Picture Right - George Knight with Andy in Eyebrook's booking office and George's record rainbow trout above It was great to catch up with our old pal and current Eyebrook Trout Fishery rainbow trout record holder Mr George Knight of Stanion who... MORE

Practise Makes Perfect for Graeme08/06/2015

Graeme Bell lands a beauty more akin to a salmon. Practising for the Scierra Pairs Eyebrook heat, competitor Graeme Bell landed a beautiful rainbow trout that looked for all the world more like a salmon. The fish estimated to weigh about 7lb was safely returned to the water to fight another day! Well Done... MORE

Jobe's Other Side of Fly Fishing08/06/2015

Eyebrook Warden Jobe Burnham lands an estate lake carp on the fly. Picture Right - Jobe with his fine old common carp Eyebrook fishery warden Jobe Burnham certainly loves his fly fishing for trout but when given the chance to fish an old estate lake for carp on the fly was not going to let the opportunity slip... MORE

Austrian visitor lands a superb grown...18/05/2015

. Picture Right - Anton Hausberger with his 9lb 15oz rainbow The highlight of this weeks fishing at Eyebrook was the capture of a stunning grown on rainbow that weighed 9lb 15oz. Visiting the fishery from Austria Anton Hausberger was absolutely delighted with his rainbow which was caught from the woodside on a black... MORE

David James and Party Annual Eyebrook...11/05/2015

. Picture Right - David James and Party at Eyebrook pose for a quick picture prior to the start of their competition recently David James and his friends from Philips Electrical have now been holding a boat fishing competition at Eyebrook for seven years now and it is enjoyed by all who... MORE

'Bennetts Bash' Eyebrook Boat...05/05/2015

The Naylor family enjoy a clean sweep at Eyebrook. Picture Right - Well done Mick Bennett on organizing yet another 'Bennetts Bash' Mick Bennett organized his annual boat outing aptly named 'Bennetts Bash' at Eyebrook recently. Twenty six anglers participated in this years 'bash' and it was nice to... MORE

Denis and Dominic de Souza at Eyebrook...03/05/2015

A Guided Session with Andy Miller at Eyebrook. Dominic and Denis De Souza with Eyebrook Guru Andy Miller   Father and son Denis and Dominic de Souza made the long journey from just north of Bristol to sample the fishing delights of the Eyebrook trout fishery recently. The dedicated father and son duo... MORE

Laura and Ross enjoy a fishing lesson...01/05/2015

. Picture Right - Ross Jones and Laura Harding with Andy Miller Laura Harding had arranged some fly fishing tuition for her partner Ross Jones birthday recently. Andy Miller, Eyebrooks resident casting instructor and guide took time out to assist Ross with his casting but  in actual... MORE

Early Spring Bank Holiday 4th May 2015...30/04/2015

More Great Boat Offers for Two Anglers at Eyebrook this Early Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Enjoy the Monday Holiday Break at Eyebrook for Less Eyebrook Trout Fishery now offers a 'Twenty pound all round deal' for the coming bank holiday break. This deal will only apply for two... MORE

Eyebrook Big Fish Trophy 201427/04/2015

Mark Seabrook recieves Eyebrooks prestigious award. Picture Right - Mark Seabrook recieves his Eyebrook Big Fish Trophy from Andy Miller as Duncan Palmer, Marks boat partner on that memorable day looks on Mark Seabrook of Huntingdon caught the heaviest fish of the 2014 Eyebrook fishing season, a superb grown... MORE

Members of Dundee's Fishing Clubs Enjoy...24/04/2015

. Picture Right - Dundee fishing club members relax and enjoy an al fresco meal at Eyebrook It was good to meet members representing fishing clubs from north of the border at Eyebrook recently. Douglas Grimmond of Dundee regularly visits the Eyebrook fishery each year and had persuaded his fishing club... MORE

Eyebrook 2 or 3 Day "Special"...22/04/2015

. Boat anglers enjoy an extended weekend break fly fishing at Eyebrook Eyebrook offers 2 anglers in a motor boat the opportunity to fish 2 or 3 consecutive days with an 8 fish limit and unrestricted catch and release for both anglers. The ideal opportunity for you to spend two or three days on one... MORE

Discounted Boats at Eyebrook for all...14/04/2015

All Pensioners Benefit at Eyebrook. Discounted Motor Boats on Mondays and Thursdays For the 2015 fishing season Eyebrook is once again offering a great deal for all old age pensioners, be it season ticket holder or day ticket, Mondays and Thursdays pensioners motor boats will be greatly... MORE

The Moore The Merrier12/04/2015

Exciting early spring buzzer action at Eyebrook. Picture Right - Clive was exuberant with his catch - just one of Clives fin perfect rainbows in the net Eyebrook regular and stalwart season ticket holder Clive Moore of Cottingham enjoyed his first boating trip of the 2015 Eyebrook fly fishing season... MORE

A Glance Back to a Big Fish Capture in...07/04/2015

Roy Hubbard recieves his Eyebrook Big Fish Trophy. Picture Right - Roy Hubbard being presented with his Eyebrook Big Fish Trophy by Andy Miller An excerpt from a 2012 Eyebrook fishing report Roy Hubbard of Market Harborough took the heaviest rainbow of the season so far at 13lb 11oz while boat fishing in Dogwood... MORE

Gordon gets stuck in anchored at the...05/04/2015

Local angler Gordon Price enjoys some early season buzzer sport while boat fishing at the willows. Picture Right - Gordon looks absolutely delighted with this 5lb overwintered rainbow Regular Eyebrook boat fisherman Gordon Price of Wigston anchored at the willows and caught eight rainbows for 17lb 2oz and included a... MORE

The Eyebrook - Allwater - F4S Challenge04/04/2015

Event Date to be Announced. Pictur Right - Charles Jardine bank fising at the hawthorns The Eyebrook- Allwater - F4S Challenge  A rather unique set of circumstances will be coming together at Eyebrook - the prestigious Midlands reservoir – in order to raise funds for Fishing 4 Schools, an educational... MORE

Rodneys First Rainbow Trout28/03/2015

Paul Sellars and Rodneys Day Afloat. Picture Right - Rodneys literally over the rainbow Paul Sellars and Rodney Fletcher of Derby enjoyed their first days boat fishing at Eyebrook this year and were looking to catch Rodneys first trout. On arriving at the Eyebrook fishing lodge Paul and Rodney caught up on old... MORE

Eyebrook Opening Day - An Early Limit...26/03/2015

. Sistino Rao with a fine limit bag from the bank Nottingham based fly fisherman Sistino Rao wasted no time to achieve his limit bag on Eyebrooks opening day. Sistino opted to fish from Robbos Cabin and despite a fresh south westerly wind and cold damp conditions quickly took six top quality... MORE

Eyebrook Reservoir Wildlife Group08/03/2015

Eyebrook a haven for all wildlife. A big dog otter at the Eyebrook devouring a cormorant  The Eyebrook Wildlife Group An avid birder but with a general interest in wildlife Phil Rogers and a number of local wildlife enthusiasts have set up a group with the aim of promoting... MORE

Eyebrook Pike Trials 2013 - The first...08/03/2015

Eyebrook Pike Trials - The story so far. Some of the UKs top predator anglers take time out to fish Eyebrook - Rob Kew of Sheffield with his stunning looking 24lb Eyebrook pike taken in 2013 This was an historic time in the life of a commercial stillwater trout fishery as Eyebrook reservoir opened its doors... MORE

Early Season Fly Fishing Tips for the...06/03/2015

Tips to help catch an early season trout, or two. Picture Right - The wooded bank is always popular with bank anglers early season For early season bank fishing success, we suggest that you use fly patterns such as black and green nomads, montana nymphs, black buzzers and diawl bach generally fished... MORE

Eyebrook Bank Fishing Pike Trials 201506/03/2015

Bank Fishing for Eyebrook Pike until 29th November 2015. Restricted bank fishing for Eyebrooks pike Restricted bank fishing for Eyebrook pike. Please note ; that Eyebrook pike can be fished for from the 16th June 2015, predator tickets will be available from that date, the only method to be used is strictly... MORE

Matt Hayes Fishing The Eyebrook Pike...06/03/2015

Matt Hayes Tussles with Eyebrooks Pike and Perch on Film. Picture Right - Richard Lee and Matt Hayes at Eyebrook Anglers who had travelled from all points of the UK for day one of the inaugural 2013 pike trials at Eyebrook were greeted with an overcast and murky start to the day with a light south easterly wind.... MORE

Eyebrook's New Fishing Season is just...02/03/2015

Kick Start the New 2015 Eyebrook Fly Fishing Season.       The New fishing season starts at Eyebrook Trout Fishery on Thursday 26th March 2015  The Eyebrook Welcome Day 2015 – This event was held on Saturday 17th January at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge, Great Easton... MORE

Forthcoming Events and Fish Stocking...16/02/2015

2015 Pre-season fish stocking gets underway.  A total of 5,000 top quality rainbow trout will be stocked prior to the commencement of fishing at Eyebrook on Thursday 26th March 2015. Regular fish stockings will continue throughout the 2015 fishing season, our major fish... MORE

Tuition For All With Eyebrook's Andy...16/02/2015

Improve your skills - novice, intermediate or seasoned fly anglers. Special Beginners Starter Season Ticket's now Available Learn to Fly Fish If you are considering fly fishing as a pastime or just fancy having a go or are even encountering  problems with your own casting technique then simply... MORE

Before You Go Fishing - EA Rod Licence16/02/2015

Dont Get Caught Without a Rod Licence. Environment Agency Rod Licence Checks at Eyebrook Trout Fishery Anglers must posess a valid Environment agency rod licence before fishing and be able to produce it when requested by an Environment agency fisheries enforcement officer or other authorised person. Anyone caught... MORE

Eyebrook Boat Loyalty Cards 201516/02/2015

Special offer open to all regular Eyebrook boat anglers. Boat Loyalty Card Bonus Scheme 2015 This Scheme will continue throughout the 2015 fishing season if you are a regular boat angler at the fishery please ask any member of staff for a boat loyalty card and you will then be entitled to... MORE

Eyebrook Welcome Day 17th January 201507/01/2015

Welcome Day. Welcome Day 17th January 2015 and Charles was in fine form as he entertained the crowds This event was held on Saturday 17th January at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge, Great Easton Road, Caldecott, Leicestershire LE 16 8RP. Doors opened at 10am with refreshments served throughout the day including... MORE

A Vintage Fly Fishing Season at...01/12/2014

A summary of the 2014 Eyebrook fly fishing season 2014. A look back at the 2014 Season A total of 5,801 returns from the fishery resulted in 15,875 trout taken with a further 15,155 fish caught and released giving an overall rod average of 5.34 fish per rod for the season, not bad by any ones... MORE

How would you fancy your name on the...29/11/2014

Your chance to sponsor a fishing boat at Eyebrook in 2015. We are justly proud of our fleet of fishing boats at Eyebrook Trout Fishery and now offer you the customer the chance to sponsor a boat for the season and have your name proudly emblazened on the prow of one of Eyebrook's fishing... MORE

Eyebrook Fur and Feather Bank...28/11/2014

All Welcome for some late season bank fishing at Eyebrook to raise funds for The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association. Forthcoming Event - Eyebrook Fur & Feather Bank Fishing Competition The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Bank Competition will be held on Sunday 30th November 2014, the last day of... MORE

Eyebrook Fly-Fishing Vouchers, The...28/11/2014

The perfect gift for the flyfisher in your family this christmas time. A special gift for fishermen and fisherladies Eyebrook Trout Fishery offers the opportunity to pick up the perfect gift for fly fisherman, an Eyebrook gift voucher gives that unique touch, the perfect christmas gift for fly fisherman. ... MORE

Big Brown Caught During Eyebrook Pike...29/10/2014

A Stunning 'Salmo Trutta'. Jason Groom with his superb Eyebrook 10lb 4oz Brown Trout Jason Groom of Corby was highly delighted to catch a stunning 10lb 4oz brown trout when fishing for pike at Eyebrook recently. Jason was fishing on his second bank outing to the welland valley fishery and had not long cast... MORE

LUREMLFC @Eyebrook29/10/2014

An Eyebrook Stunner. Rob Smith of LURE MLFC with a typical Eyebrook pike LUREMLFC (Modern Lure Fishing Culture) spent an enjoyable day's predator fishing at Eyebrook reservoir recently and although the BIG perch were not abundant and didn't turn up this fella did.... A real pair of terrific lads in... MORE

Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat...25/10/2014

Match Day Sunday 26th October 2014 . Mark Hunt recieves his runners up prize at this years Fur and Feather Boat Competition Horace Wood of Sapcote participated in this years Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition and managed a limit bag taken mostly on an orange booby fished on an intermediate line. The winner of... MORE

The English Disabled Fly Fishers Fur...24/10/2014

A Cracking Day Out For All!. Ian Bradfield being presented with his winners trophy by the EDFF's own Mark Goodge It was good to see a few members supporting this years EDFF Fur and Feather Boat Competition held at Eyebrook recently, but there were a few popular faces missing.... Fishing on the... MORE

Predator Fishing at Eyebrook Pike...14/10/2014

Catch the heaviest 30lb plus pike at Eyebrook and you could win One Thousand Pounds Cash. Terry Eldridge with his 24lb 10oz Eyebrook pike Coming soon The fishery will once again be introducing pike fishing on the 1st October 2014 using lures and sea dead baits. A number of boats have been allocated on each day... MORE

Police Pairs Eyebrook 16th September...19/09/2014

The fishing at Eyebrook could only be described as 'superb'. Picture Right - Police pairs competitors gathered in front of the Eyebrook fishing lodge The Police Pairs Annual Eyebrook boat competition was again held at Eyebrook trout Fishery on Tuesday September 16th 2014. Steve's dilemma or worst nightmare... MORE

English Disabled Fly Fishers 2015...14/09/2014

Eyebrook EDFFA National Eliminator Saturday 6th September 2014. Picture Right - Stewart Hume put in a great performance at this years 2015 National Eliminator at Eyebrook The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association held their National Eliminator at Eyebrook recently to select the team that will be represented at... MORE

Winter Fishing Permits Not So Far Away...12/09/2014

Fancy Some Winter Fly Fishing For Grown On Fry Feeders. Restricted Bank Fishing for November 2014 Picture right; A nice silvered full tailed late season rainbow for season ticket holder Ian Jobe Eyebrook Trout Fishery is pleased to announce that as previous years the fishery will offer the... MORE

The British Association of Landscape...10/09/2014

Will daddies reign supreme for BALI. A big welcome to BALI, Annual Eyebrook Boat Competition 2014 Picture right; Tom O'Connell with Adrian Freer and prizes galore for BALI at Eyebrook in 2013 This year, BALI, The British Association of Landscape Industries, will again hold their annual trout angling... MORE

Mid Season Fly Fishing Tactics for...25/08/2014

Target Eyebrook's Rainbow's with Damsel Imitations. Tips to help catch pre-occupied damsel feeding trout What a wonderful summer we have all enjoyed and with the warmth followed a miriad of  underwater life for the resident fish to feast upon. The problem comes when trout become selective in their... MORE

Focus on the Staff at Eyebrook Trout...25/08/2014

Simon Ware - Eyebrook Fishery Warden. Picture Right - Simon Ware - at your assistance 2014 will be Simons second successive season at the fishery and he really enjoys his job as a fishery warden. Simon would be the first to admit that he is not a fully fledged stillwater trout angler but he... MORE

Big Brownie Bags Eyebrook Trophy22/08/2014

George Burnham Eyebrook Big Fish Trophy Winner 2013. George with his super Brown trout 'Just look at the size of that rudder ' It was the evening of the 10th May 2013 and season ticket holder George Burnham of Caldecott as was usual turned up at the Eyebrook fishing lodge to sign in for an evenings bank... MORE

Association of Major Fishing Clubs - ...06/07/2014

Group 2 / Round 4 Results - Eyebrook - 2014. Association competitors returned a fantastic rod average of 7 at an 'On form' Eyebrook Trout Fishery The Association of Major Fishing Clubs held round four of group two heats at Eyebrook  Trout Fishery on the 5th July 2014  with teams representing Bewl, the... MORE

The 35th I.D.F.F.A. Fly Fishing...28/06/2014

Eyebrook Trout Fishery and Fishypics. Picture right - Fishypics has it covered with Cliff Waters For complete coverage of the recent IDFFA Fly Fishing Championships held at Eyebrook Trout Fishery on 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2014 go to the website for all flyfisherman where you will find all 2014 competitions covered... MORE

The 35th Disabled Home International...26/06/2014

Results from the International Disabled Fly Fishers Association Fly Fishing Championship at Eyebrook on 23rd-25th June 2014. Picture right - Colin Love (Ire) Don Griffiths (Wales) Edwyn Lewis (Wales)   The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association held their National Eliminator at Eyebrook on the 7th... MORE

Eyebrook Win Prestigious Fishery Award09/05/2014

Total Flyfisher Tackle Awards 2013. Top Award For Number One - Eyebrook Trout Fishery Specialist fly fishing magazine Total Flyfisher led by its ilustrious editor Steve Cullen announce the winners of the 2013 Total Flyfisher Tackle Awards which take place once a year – they are voted for by the... MORE

Focus on the Staff at Eyebrook Trout...28/04/2014

Rob Monk - Warden. Rob Monk - Eyebrook Warden Rob's a bit of a joker at the best of times, but when it comes to fishery information for visiting anglers Rob generally delivers the goods with some useful fishing tips. It's now Rob's second season with us here at... MORE

Norfolk Fly Fishers Club - Eyebrook Trip27/04/2014

Their Taking Anything Orange......Really!. Roger Gibbons- Norfolk Fly Fishers gives the lowdown on the recent Eyebrook Trip - Picture Right- Mike Blazey of Norfolk Fly Fishers in action at Eyebrook Thursday 24th April saw 20 Anglers from the Norfolk Flyfishers Club converge on Eyebrook Reservoir Trout Fishery for... MORE

Bull Fly Fishers23/04/2014

Latest Bull Fly Fishers Boat Competition a Resounding Success. Picture right - Bull Fly Fisher - Clinton Slingsby with a super 9lb 6oz rainbow taken on a previous club outing to Eyebrook  Bull Fly Fishers.... in the beginning The club was founded in 1982 at The Bulls Head Inn, Arthingworth, by landlord... MORE

Thornby and District Angling Society04/04/2014

Fantastic Spring Boat Sport . New fishing club outing to Eyebrook, TADAS members pose in the booking office Members of Thornby and District Angling Society enjoyed their first boat outing of 2014 at Eyebrook Trout Fishery recently. Eight anglers enjoyed brilliant boat sport and between them all landed a rod average... MORE


Mtgs 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm. The Cardigan Arms, Moulton.. Eyebrook fishery warden Rob Monk telling a Whopper! with Northants Flydressers members Graham Pearson and Roger Arrowsmith. As you are aware the FDG Northampton Branch is a friendly / informal little club where we try to foster the art of... MORE

A Rare Winter Visitor on Eyebrook's...11/12/2013

A Large Sea Duck the Velvet Scoter. A Velvet Scoter sighted at Eyebrook Reservoir Picture courtesy of John Turner Photography - Eyebrook's Velvet Scoter It was time for a tea break and fishery manager Andy Miller was sitting enjoying a well earned brew in the fishing lodge when he happened... MORE

Fur and Feather Boat Competition...28/10/2013

Sunday 27th October 2013. Last day of Boat Fishing at Eyebrook Trout Fishery for 2013 Picture Right ; Eyebrook Fur & Feather Winner Mark Hunt and Runner Up Fred Kettle with Andy Miller The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition was held on Sunday 27th October 2013 and heralded the last day of the boat... MORE

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association09/07/2013

The Eric Goodman Memorial Trophy. Eyebrook Boat Competition The Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association fished for The Eric Goodman Memorial Trophy at Eyebrook recently. Dave Currie of Congleton,Cheshire won the match with eleven fish, Dave Lehane won the best bag. The heaviest fish of the competition at 4lb 4oz... MORE

Biddy's First Eyebrook Rainbow 10/06/2013

APGAI Chris Woodward guides Biddy to catch her first Eyebrook rainbow. Biddy's Over The Rainbow Frampton based guide Chris Woodward took time out recently to assist Bid Hardy in her quest to catch a stillwater rainbow; Bid has already caught a Salmon. The pair boat fished at the Willows and although a few... MORE

Clinton's Biggest Eyebrook Rainbow06/06/2013

Clinton's over the Rainbow. Bull Fly Fishers Boat Competition Bull Fly Fishers April boat competition was well attended and the heaviest fish of the day was taken by Clinton Slingsby of Lincoln. A Montana Nymph was the downfall of this super fish taken by Clinton, his biggest from the Eyebrook to date. MORE

Dambusters 70th Anniversary.09/05/2013

Lancaster Bomber Flypast at Eyebrook for 70th Anniversary. To mark the occasion a Lancaster bomber, two Spitfires and two Tornadoes, for the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raids. In 1943 the Eyebrook was used for low level practice by Lancaster bombers of 617 squadron, as final practice prior to the raids on the... MORE