Willows / Pollards Jump / Oliver's Copse

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Tadpoles, Damsels, lures, as the season progresses.
Best times: Best early season, but mid season can be good .
Wading: Wading is OK with gradually stoney footing and a little Bistort to avoid, but wading sometimes not necessary.

This is a superb early-season spot for stillwater fly fishing with a gradually deepening bank and an unusual drop off lip at about 10 metres. Fish love to feed up against this feature and Black and Green Tadpoles and Montana Nymphs can prove deadly fishing patterns here early to mid season. Come the summer when sedges abound, try a Silver Invicta or Wingless Wickham's, an older pattern, a Cinnamon and Gold can prove a winner here.

The main problem here for bank anglers are the willow trees themselves, which are close to the water and unfortunately can prove a bit of an obstacle for back casts.

Another deadly method for this area is a single Hopper on a long leader, Black or Ginger are generally our first choice. In addition, Fiery Brown Shipmans Buzzers and CDC Emergers are proven fish takers. The bung or indicator (like it or loath it) has proved to be a killing method with leader lengths from one to six feet and flies such as Epoxy Buzzers to Damsel Imitation suspended beneath.


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