Top Car Park

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: You will only need a floating line.
Best times: Fly late summer.
Wading: Have to get in the water here.

Wading really is a must as this area offers relatively shallow stillwater fly fishing. At 20ft out, the angler will only be in two feet of water. Backcasting here is not a problem as the car park is directly behind you making brown and rainbow trout fishing easier. All you will need here is a floating line, with a Damsel Nymph or GRHE. During high summer when male blue damsels are chasing the duller green females, sport can be cracking on a dry Blue Damsel. Dries such as Black Gnat, dry Wickham's or Red Sedge also produce exceptional brown and rainbow trout fishing. The wild brown trout are to be found here as too are shoals of dace that patrol the margins. A small dyke runs into the reservoir and shoals of fry are drawn into its mouth making this a perfect spot for stillwater fly fishing.


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