The Three Trees

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Lures or Buzzers all work well in the deeper water off the Three Trees.
Best times: Good fly fishing here all season,especially early or late season for fry feeders against the weedbeds.
Wading: Not necessary.

Rounding the bend from Harrisons corner at  the dam to where the Stone's bank begins, three conifer trees(Swamp Cypress) stand by the waterside. The angler choosing this spot for fishing should stand to the right of these trees so as not to hamper the backcast. In a westerly blow the fish will follow the flies right into the bank, so take care when lifting the flies off  the water and be prepared for some smash takes, if these fail to materialise in a fish hooked, try dropping the fly back into the water again as a fish will often take again.

This area has produced good numbers of quality trout, that have aquired a liking for the fry that shoal off this bank in the fronds of Onion weed that occurs some 4 meters out. As is the case, along most of the wooded bank, fisherman access is very easy, simply park your car just off the track, walk to the lake's edge and begin enjoying some exceptional stillwater fly fishing.

Indicators with epoxy Buzzers also work here, a team of buzzers are great, although this area is famed for it's early season lure fishing with Montana nymphs and Black and Green Taddies. For boat fishing this is a prime spot with water up to 25 feet deep. Sunk line tactics are proven in this area with good brown and rainbow trout frequenting this section of the reservoir, Sparklers work well for fry feeders or to irritate rainbows into taking, fish two Orange Fritz Blobs, but not to close to each other, 10ft apart is good.


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