The Island / The Point

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Try a Black and Peacock Spider tied bulky to imitate snails/rape seed beetles, Bob Carnills Beetle imitation is proven here.
Best times: Good brown trout and rainbow fishing in most winds, except an easterly.
Wading: Fish the shallow margins carefully first as the fish come right to the edge to feed on Corixa and Hoglouse.

The bank angler should take advantage of the gravel bars for wading, incidentally a wading stick or bank net will be useful to help detect hidden underwater obstacles such as deeper drop offs.

Long gravel spits which jut out to the North and South of the Point allow the wading angler good options when fishing at The Island, or The Point as some anglers refer to it, and flexibility in changeable wind directions. Access to the Island is gained from the lane bordering the Leicester bank, where cars are parked, and a short walk over the tussocks of sedges once over the stile  across to the island. the bank angler choosing to fish this area should be aware of ground nesting birds such as Terns and Plover whos nests are sometimes almost impossible to see,and Swans who become very protective of their young.

Although the margins around the island are relativelyshallow, a good cast will result in fishing in a good 8ft of water, a perfect depth.

Later on in the season, a shorter cast from the bank with a small Ethafoam Fry will target big fish which move in from the surrounding deeper water. A great tip here is to attach a dropper a short distance (say 18 ins) from the Fry pattern and tie on a Corixa imitation. Use at least 8lb fluorocarbon as smash takes are common. Other patterns such as Bloodworm imitations, Diawl Bach, Hare's Ear nymphs and Dries are also very effective when fishing from the Island.


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