The Chestnut Tree

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Nymphs in spring and summer. Rotating Fry in autumn.
Best times: Good rainbow and brown trout fishing all season, but especially in autumn.
Wading: Generally shallow so wading is essential except at the back end when fry feeders charge into a foot or less of water

Look for the chestnut tree with its trunk protected from cattle by a metal fence. A good tip when rainbow and brown trout fishing here is to always fan your casts to cover as much water as possible. When you find one fish, it's a fair bet you will take a few from the same swim and bearing this in mind can help make your stillwater fly fishing more effective. Fishing into 8ft of water, especially in a westerly wind, a team of Buzzers works well. Or maybe try a red holographic Diawl Bach as this area plays host to numbers of red water mites. Damsel nymphs also abound here so fish one on the point with Buzzer or Hare's Ear Nymphs on the droppers. Try a Rooting Fry in the margins at the back end. I once took two superb three-pounders and this stealthy approach can make rainbow and brown trout fishing particularly rewarding.


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