The Bell

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: You won’t go wrong with a Damsel nymph.
Best times: Good, season long stillwater fly fishing in anything but a strong easterly blow.
Wading: Not necessary

This is the spot most Eyebrook regulars head for when visiting us for a day’s stillwater fly fishing, a most convenient bank to fish that offers a choice of two fishing platforms. Car parking is easy and the high bank off The Bell means that wading is not always necessary.  At high water level the slope is gentle at first but a good 15 feet of water is within easy casting distance of a competant caster. Damsel nymphs can be a devastating fly fishing pattern here as can small dry flies such as Bob’s Bits or a Hoppers. Later on in the season some fantastic sport can be had on Floating Fry patterns, one year we were experiencing some fry sport as early as June using Size 1/0 and 2/0 resin fry patterns that accounted for many heavyweight fish.

Bloodworm patterns can also provide heart wrenching takes fishing at The Bell, fish these patterns deeper on a floating line and long leader inched back very slowly. Walk along to the left of the Bell bank to the shallow bay next to the Hawthorns, small dries and Hoppers will work very well in this relatively shallow inlet.


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