Stoke Dry Road

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Most stillwater fly fishing dry fly or fry patterns.
Best times: Fishable most of the season except when weed is prolific.
Wading: Wading is advisable but no deeper than knee height

We're onto the Rutland bank now. Below the village of Stoke Dry is an exceptional spot for stillwater fly fishing when the wind is east or south-east. Between the weed beds or along the fringes, fry feeders abound and shoals of small roach fry scatter in panic as marauding trout stun them with lashing tails. The barbed wire fence that runs out into the water has caused many a trout to escape. With the plantation behind, terrestrial insects abound, including alderflies, soldier beetles, hawthorn flies and flying ants. On the water are lake olives, damselflies and even some mayfly. When stillwater fly fishing here, observation is the key. Watch for insects being blown onto the water to see if they are being taken then choose a matching fly for exceptional brown and rainbow trout fishing.


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