Sams Dyke

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Try a team of size 12/14 Buzzers, GRHE Nymph, Corixa imitations, a Green Holographic Diawl Bach, or  Fraser Nymphs slowly tickled back slowly on a floating line.
Best times: Good brown and rainbow trout fishing all season, but especially early on.
Wading: Certainly don’t wade to your chest, shin height is adequate here the fish will forage for food in this area in less than a foot of water.

Named after a local called Sam Ellis, who used to rest here when he became inebriated, a small dyke runs into the reservoir and is bordered by several willow trees and a wire fence that runs sum way into the lake on either side. On occasion, the well oxygenated water flowing into the reservoir offers the opportunity for large trout to spawn which makes this area an automatic choice for brown and rainbow trout fishing. The gradually shelving bay plays host to corixa, hoglouse, damsel and  dense snail populations and remains sheltered especially in a northerly blow. The two wire fences that run into Sam’s Dyke run a relatively long way, and many  boat’s anchors have been snagged on these, so do take care when fishing in this area. To the east  of Sams lies Wal’s Bay nestled between the dyke bank and the old road end at the island, named after an angler called Wally who regularly takes superb grown-on fish from this shallow bay on Hare’s Ear imitations tied with silver holographic tinsel to represent the corixa’s air bubble.


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