Robbo's cabin

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Try Hi-D line and Black & Green, White & Green and Orange Boobies on brighter days. A longer leader will give you the edge.
Best times: Great rainbow and brown trout fishing in a westerly. To the left of Robbo's cabin is a bank spot called Robbo's Point, a gem of a hotspot. Arrive early to get this one.
Wading: Not necessary as the fish venture right into the bank.

One of Eyebrook's most famous rainbow and brown trout fishing spots, Robbo's Cabin was originally a brick-built structure complete with wood burner which anglers used in bad weather to dry out their clothes or cook lunch. Sadly it was lost in an arson attack some years ago and replaced with a wooden hut. A good cast from Robbo's will put the fly in about 15ft of water and the perfect position for exciting stillwater fly fishing. The bank here was reinforced with stone several years ago to prevent errosion. An intermediate line is probably the best bet as you can compensate for line drift and takes tend to be more direct. The cat's Whisker is the number one rainbow and brown trout fishing pattern along this bank, but the fish will still accept Buzzers or dries on a floater. It is with deep regret and unfortunately, due to the welfare and visitors health and safety Robbo's cabin has now had to be removed, buts its fishing day memories will live on for many Eyebrook anglers, especially members of Higham Ferrers Fly Fishers on opening day's.


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