Mucky Bay / The Pens

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: When lake olives appear, try a size 12 McCleod's Olive on the dropper with a Pale Watery nymph on the point. Greenwell Glory was an older pattern that worked well in a hatch of Olives, a Yellow tagged Greenwell was deadly.
Best times: Good rainbow and brown trout fishing in most winds. Best in more overcast conditions with a westerly breeze.
Wading: Try to keep out of the water to avoid spooking the fish. Mucky bay is extremely rich in marginal food source such as Shrimp, Hoglouse and Corixa and the fish will often be taking advantage of this food source in less than two foot of water.

Skirted by the old submerged stockerston road, which is still visible at low-water levels, Mucky Bay is a gradually shelving bay, a good cast will allow offer fishing in five to six feet of water. This season in particular has seen some prolific stillwater fly fishing sport to Chironomids, Buzzers, particularly haemoglobin yellow and bright green, Bloodworm patterns also work here. Early morning and late evenings offer the best rainbow and brown trout fishing in this area with mid to late summer sessions which offer some wonderful sport to sedge imitations. Try an amber Sedge Pupa early evening, switching to a G&H or a Green Stimulator as the light begins to fade to emulate the adult sedge as it zigs zags across the surface. Good grown-on, or even over-wintered fish are regularly caught here. For the roving rod, this is a wonderful stillwater fly fishing area to explore.


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