Lodge Corner

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best Methods: Fry Patterns, especially floating fry.
Best Times: When the wind lanes develop out from the corner of the dam.
Wading: Not Permitted

With damp, warm south-westerly winds, Eyebrook fish are pushed to the Willows or beyond. But by following wind lanes that develop over the main basin, a few fish find their way up into the relative shelter of Lodge Corner and in doing so, offer excellent stillwater fly fishing. Here, the boat frontage extends along to the clump of willows at the corner end of the dam. Brown and rainbow trout fishing is prohibited along this area. With sturdy boots, fly fishing the dam wall at Lodge Corner can offer a highly productive day’s stillwater fly fishing. A competent angler can make a cast towards the boats moored on the landing stage where huge shoals of fry, including roach and perch, abound. For the fish that have travelled across the reservoir to this area, the rewards in the way of a food source are immense. Fry frequent this area year-round. Brown and rainbow trout fishing here can be explosive using lures fished on an intermediate line. Never discount stillwater fly fishing with floating fry patterns because these can prove deadly. Floating fry patterns are not only successful at the end of the season when we anticipate that the fry-feeders will be gorging themselves, but on any occasion when fish are busying themselves in this relatively unfished hotspot.


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