Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Try the “washing line” with Buzzers held up by a G&H Sedge.
Best times: Fishes well in most winds except strong easterlies, and a good spot for stillwater fly fishing throughout the season.
Wading: Avoid wading too deep. Knee depth is fine.

Generally a more-gradually shelving bank, the only obstacle being the hawthorns themselves, on your backcast. A floating line with a team of Buzzers or Hare’s Ear Nymphs offers productive brown and rainbow trout fishing, but a small dry will often give you the edge over a nymph fisher. With a dry fly set up fan cast to the edge of the ripple with possibly a Buzzer or Corixa pattern on the dropper, takes will be positive with fish often taking the angler down to the backing and beyond, but with plenty of open water in front of you, the fish will soon be beaten. In September given the crane flies appear, an artificial drifted out on the westerly breezes can provide exciting stillwater fly fishing and some very quick takes. To the angler’s right is a pipe sticking up out of the water, the water is relatively shallow here, maybe 5-6ft, fish here with small nymphs or dries.


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