Dogwood Bay

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: A Montana Nymph can prove deadly here on early spring days.
Best times: Good in westerly breeze, especially September, or after a good north-easterly blow.

Bank anglers arriving at the ticket office generally opt to fish the more popular areas such as The Bell, The Hawthorns or the Green bank,  and in their haste to reach them would drive past Dogwood Bay, and in doing so, be unaware of some of the best trout fishing available. Named after the Dogwood shrub which borders it's southern corner, the bay is host to a thriving population of both corixa and hoglouse which thrive around its relatively shallow margin. With thanks to much earlier excavations, pre Dam construction, this bay also conceals some very dramatic contours which include two particularly deep holes that many years ago served a brick making industry and now act as refuge for many premium fish, both large browns and rainbow trout. During early  to mid summer, fronds of Onion and Canadian pondweed can be seen reaching up from the depths of Dogwood Bay and when Damsel nymphs are at there most active we have found that a Golden Olive Tadpole pattern fished on a sinking line during warmer periods can often work wonders and help catch these better fish.


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