Dam Wall / Harrison's Corner

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: The fast-sinking line and Booby will take fish from the wall throughout the season, lures such as Black and Green Tadpole fished on either floating or intermediate lines are also srongly recommended.
Best times: This area is best in most winds, except a very strong north westerly which will be a facing wind.
Wading: Keep out of the water. Wear walking boots with a grip sole.

If fishing on the Dam wall itself, remember that waders are not permitted and a lifejacket must be worn at all times. Walking boots are advantageous for fishing from the Dam wall.

Please remember that  fishery staff will prohibit fishing from the dam wall when it is deemed unsafe, ie wet, icy.

Harrison's Corner is a useful stillwater fly fishing spot in a strong northerly due to the relative shelter from the wooded bank behind. Fish from between the willows and watch for rising fish. Dry flies such as Bob's Bits, Shipman's Buzzers or Hoppers will all score well here. Regulars who fish the dam know the stillwater fly fishing hotspots but you can find some of the deeper water by studying the concrete slabs. The most deadly method has got to be a Booby on a fastsink line. Leader length can also be the deciding factor. Start at five feet and then go longer until the rainbow action begins. Remember, dull day generally means dull fly. So if the weather is overcast, start with a black and green Booby. Don't be afraid to use dry stillwater fly fishing patterns when fishing into deeper water, the fish will always be on the lookout for surface borne life.


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