Cow Shed / Black Cabin / Norris Dyke

Where to fish at Eyebrook

Best methods: Intermediates with lures and traditionals.
Best times: Good rainbow and brown trout fishing all season, but especially early on.
Wading: Not necessary when water levels are high

Open the five-bar gate and walk directly down to the water's edge to begin your stillwater fly fishing. You will probably notice you are on the hard standing of the old road. Originally, it crossed the reservoir here to the Stoke Dry village opposite. Casting from the road, an angler can put his fan cast into a respectable 10 feet of water which offers prime rainbow and brown trout fishing especially early season on a good chance of an overwintered specimen. Season after season, this hotspot produces some wonderful stillwater bank fly fishing and some superb quality fish. The fishing in this area early part of 2013 has been second to none with good numbers of quality rainbows taken. Try a size 12-14 Black Cruncher or later on in the season Hoppers and sedge patterns such as Humpys and Sedgehogs, not forgetting the old classic G&H Sedge. Fish this bank north just past the old corrugated cow shed and round to a small clump of willows. Between these two points, the contours drop away quite dramatically, later in the season fry feeders abound in this area and can be taken on Ethafoam fry patterns, stand well back from the waters edge as the fish smash into the bank to get at the scattering Roach fry.


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