Where to fish at Eyebrook

Eyebrook is a premier UK fly fishing destination with over 5 miles of interesting and scenic bank fishing, an average depth of 17ft and maximum of 45ft. (TWL 227.50 ft OD). Good wading areas are to be found off the Island and the north arm of the reservoir.

Traditional Northamptonshire 'Loch Styling' was developed at Eyebrook, and is still the best method of fishing at the reservoir. Favoured drifts are from Sam's Dyke or The Point of The Island across to Robbo's Cabin or to The Willows. Please note that early season boat fishing might be better dealt with by anchoring, especially if water temperatures are still low.

As a customer friendly UK fly fishing venue, we also allow fishing off most of the banks, except the concrete boat frontage area at the fishing lodge, which has “no fishing” signs displayed.

The yellow marker buoys surrounding the main pontoon denotes a no fishing zone, this area is for boat access and egress only. At the northern end of the fishery at Bloods Dyke, a line of buoys marks the limit for fishing boats and bank angling to avoid disturbance to wildfowl and nesting terns. Please respect this area as Eyebrook is unlike most other UK fly fishing reservoirs. We are a designated SSSI and nature reserve managed within guidelines agreed with the Government’s Nature Conservation Advisor.


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