Eyebrook weekly fishing report for w/e 9th October 2016

Date Added: 11/10/2016

Picture right - Adam Ford with a nice Eyebrook pike

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Report 2016
                                                          Week ending 9th October 2016
Trout Taken 305(7760) Catch and Release 155(11488) Rod Returns 177(3822) Fish per rod 2.59(5.03)                       
Season’s totals in brackets

A total of ten police forces were represented at this years police pairs boat competition held on the 4th October 2016 at Eyebrook Trout Fishery under the watchful eye of organizer Steve Owen. Teams represented at this year’s competition were Licolnshire, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Staffordshire, West Mercia, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire police forces. The fishery had recently been on top form and the daily rod average had not dipped below 3 fish per rod, so the police might be in for a treat... once again we anticipated a good competition. And so onto competition day which was met with a bright day and an easterly breeze not dissimilar to the previous practice day. The rainbows were willing and on the day a midge tip or slow glass line probably proved more advantageous over a pure floating line. The catching fly for most was probably a blob but a few fish were also taken on cormorant and cats whiskers patterns. A total of 49 rods caught 131 fish, giving a very respectable rod average of 2.67...Regular Eyebrook visitor Tim Bright of Sleaford boat fished and caught a well-conditioned rainbow that weighed 4lb 3oz on a cat’s whisker. David Hussey of Loughborough drifted the main basin and took three decent rainbows on a combination of daddy long legs, white wickham and dunkeld fished on a floating line.
Pike fishing with lures and sea dead baits began at the beginning of the month, one the best fish weighing 16lb was caught by Adam Ford of Milton Keynes. Andy Baldock of Northampton caught a twenty- pound pike on a big lure. Jobe Burnham caught a fit 13lb pike on a lure and returned several other jack pike, and several other pike up to 10lb have also been taken on the fly

Eyebrook Trout Fishery Forthcoming Events

The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Wednesday 19th October 2016. All are welcome, please bring a prize for the table and normal day permits will apply. All monies raised at this event will be donated to our chosen charity The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association, Registered Charity No 800452

The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Sunday 30th October 2016, the last day of fishing at Eyebrook for 2016. All are most welcome to this event, normal day permits and boat prices will apply plus a £5 entry fee, and please don’t forget to bring a prize for the table. All monies raised at this event will be donated to our chosen charity The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association, Registered Charity No 800452.

For your Chance to Win a Day Motorboat Hire at Eyebrook Trout Fishery simply register your details at Eyebrook fishing lodge or at our on-line booking facility and send in your name and contact details including your email address and we will enter you into our weekly prize draw for a day motorboat hire at Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Normal day permits are applicable. And this week’s lucky winner is James Hobbs. 

Welcome to Eyebrook Pike Trials 2016 – the 1st to 30th October 2016 Pike fishing using lures and sea dead baits only. A number of boats have been allocated on each day throughout October for pike fishing. We do hope that all trout anglers respect the pike fishermen and vice versa, and that these trials may once again prove beneficial and of interest to all parties. For more information and rules regarding pike fishing at Eyebrook go to www.eyebrook.com and click on the predator motif
General Boat Bookings are now being taken so to reserve boats or any other general fishery information call 01536 772930 alternatively boats can be booked online at www.eyebrook.com
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