Glorious Eyebrook

The Discerning Anglers Paradise

The Eyebrook has a charm and ambience normally associated with smaller waters. With four miles of easily accessed bank and a well-maintained fleet of boats, there are no other water users to spoil the fishing. With friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand, you can be assured of professional advice as and when required.

The brook was initially built in 1940 to supply water to the steel works in Corby, Eyebrook  still supplies water to the tube making plant in Corby part of the Tata Steel Group.

As an important habitat for wildlife and conservation the reservoir was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1956. There is an abundance of wildlife on the Eyebrook reservoir site and it is not unusual for visitors to report sightings of osprey, otter and kingfishers during their stay. The osprey give daily flying displays and are a lesson to anglers on how to catch trout, these rare birds are an exciting topic of conversation for visitorsor fishermen who witness these masters of the air in action above Eyebrooks ever changing backdrop.

Many famous still water game anglers have honed their skills at Eyebrook including Cyril Inwood, Bob Church, Arthur Cove, Gordon Fraser and Bob Carnill and have all used the fishery for developing some of their best known and now most famous fly patterns.


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